How to prevent deformation of the acrylic display?


How to prevent the deformation of acrylic display frame products

The installation of acrylic display frame is in accordance with certain rules, if the transport of improper splicing will lead to deformation of the acrylic display frame, affecting the aesthetics. maetoh acrylic display frame manufacturers combined with their years of experience, to answer your questions about how to prevent deformation of acrylic display frame products.

1) If it is a large area of the acrylic display frame is recommended to install the frame, and set aside shrinkage and expansion gap.

2) Drill suitable screw holes with screws to lock well to avoid loosening.

3) the choice of elastic rubber gasket.

4) thermoforming to improve the impact strength and release the internal stress decompression.

5) thermoforming into wave, diamond and semi-circular can prevent deformation of the acrylic display due to self-weight sagging.

6) When using large format acrylic displays, the thickness must be increased to prevent the sheet from sagging and deforming due to its own weight.

7) Select the appropriate thickness to avoid the wind load caused by the bending deformation of acrylic panels.

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