How to judge the quality of acrylic display shelves?


How to identify the quality of the acrylic display stand is good or bad?

Acrylic display stand can not only bring out the characteristics of the product, but also enhance the grade of the product and increase the added value of the displayed products. Acrylic displays are commonly used in large shopping malls, supermarkets and individual stores, as a display tool, the quality of acrylic displays will also indirectly affect the sales of products. Acrylic display rack processing its source material cost is high, some unscrupulous businessmen to seek violence to use non-standard plates, resulting in the market display rack finished products of varying quality, Zhengzhou extraordinary acrylic display rack manufacturers combined with years of experience, to explain in detail the quality of acrylic display rack discriminate.

The basic classification of acrylic display shelves.

   According to the different needs of display products, the appearance of acrylic display racks design also varies greatly. Common display shelves are: floor acrylic display shelves, desktop acrylic display shelves, hanging acrylic display shelves, etc. Acrylic material is easy to process, so that it meets the custom needs of various types of acrylic display shelves.

Acrylic display shelves quality judgment.

1. Acrylic display rack - appearance

High-quality acrylic display shelves, the overall appearance of transparent, beautiful, pure color without other impurities. In the display shelf splicing smooth and scarless, usually acrylic display shelves using laser cutting, neatly cut surface will not appear hairy edge and other poor quality phenomenon.

2. Acrylic display shelves - touch

As the acrylic source material density is large, so the fine acrylic display rack in the hands of a sense of weight, acrylic display rack texture thick, touch relatively warm, will not easily leave handprints or other traces.

3. Acrylic display rack - thickness

Acrylic display shelves used in the thickness of the plate is also an important measure of quality standards. Because the acrylic display shelf according to the different products on display, bearing different weights, the thickness of the plates used will also be different. At present, the market circulation of acrylic sheet non-standard and national standard 2, in accordance with national regulations acrylic sheet the actual error can not exceed 0.2mm, customers can also select acrylic display manufacturers according to the standard to discriminate.

Table Acrylic Cosmetic Brush Display Stand

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